Language, Literature, Alternatives 2021

On behalf of the LLA Organising Committee, it is our pleasure to send you the Call for Papers containing information on the forthcoming international interdisciplinary conference Language, Literature, Alternatives, organized by the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Niš, which will be held on April 15 and 16, 2021.

Language, Literature, Alternatives

We are repeating the Call, already sent in 2019, for the conference that was supposed to take place in April 2020. The situation with the covid-19 pandemic left us then with no alternatives, so the planned conference had to be postponed. However, we rose to the challenge of continuing the tradition of our conferences with the general title Language, Literature,…, so the 2021 event, completely in accordance with its title Language, Literature, Alternatives will have a different, alternative format, and will be organized as an online conference.

For over a decade, our conferences under the encompassing title Language, Literature,… focused not only on the topics that are relevant for linguistic and literary studies, such as meaning, discourse, time, space, theory and context, but also on the socially significant phenomena such as politics, globalization, identity, changes, communication, values and marginalization. Although the conferences have always been thematically coherent, this never meant the uniformity of theoretical and methodological approaches; on the contrary, the aim was to view the given topics from many different, alternative perspectives. In an attempt to support such alternative perspectives, which, especially after experiencing the reactions to the covid-19 phenomenon, have become particularly relevant and vitally necessary, the topic of our conference remains Language, Literature, Alternatives.

The aim of the conference Language, Literature, Alternatives is to explore and discuss the relationship between language, literature and alternatives within their contexts. This can include the critical examining of various alternative theoretical and methodological approaches in linguistics, literary theory and culture studies, the alternatives that literary works offer to the dominant ideological views of the world, alternatives to literary and language cannons, analyses of alternative literary forms or language constructions, as well as other topics dealing with alternatives in the given disciplines.

The online format of the 2021 conference means that the participants will record their 15-minute presentations, and all the recordings will be available at the conference website starting from April 10, 2021. The conference itself will be held as a video conference, where the participants will give a brief 5-minute summary of their presentation, with the 60-minute discussion per session. The detailed technical guidelines regarding this aspect of the conference will be sent by mid-February, to the colleagues whose abstracts get accepted.

Conference languages are English and Serbian.